Learn About Useful Facts Through Visa Advice Before Applying

Are you planning on going to Australia? Then you will need to apply for a visa suitable for the purpose. Your query will relate to visiting, working in or even migrating to Australia for either private or professional reasons. You can seek visa advice from Department of Immigration and Border Protection directly through their official website. There is another possible solution like grabbing help from travel consultancies who provides guidance over various requirements on the visa application.

Various Types of Visa

People have a different purpose to visit Australia. Your visa might fit for the circumstance it serves. Most common types of visas are visitor visa with which you can visit Australia for holidays, sightseeing, visit your family or relatives, visiting for business purpose or social and recreational purposes. This visa lasts for a short time but you can extend it by applying for a new visa before the last one expires.

There are visas for working and studying in Australia. There is a range of temporary and permanent skilled visas. Two most common of the type are Working Holiday subclass 417 and Temporary Work – Skilled subclass 457 visas. Students can stay till the limit of student visas for educational purposes.

Applying for a partner visa will help you reunite with your partner or fiancée and even spouse in Australia. You can apply for this type of visa as long as you have a permanent resident in Australia or a citizen of the country. In this case, you need to apply for a temporary partner visa at first and then apply for the permanent partner visa which you will get after 2 years.

Other Useful Facts

If you want to check your visa details and also entitlements, you can opt for a free online service called VEVO or Visa Entitlement Verification Online. With this service, any visa holder, employer and other individuals having registered with the bureau can get access to the visa entitlements and status for 24 hours a day.

Everyone who is applying for a tourist visa must provide valid and authentic documents for evidence of their true identity and also nationality. To miss out important points, it is helpful to be in touch with a visa consultant such as that of Australia Thailand Visa. The visa advice from migration agents will also be helpful for lodging a proper application for a visa.

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