What Is the Quick Inquiry for Visa Application?

If you are trying to get a tourist visa for visiting Australia you must be fully aware of all the things you can do before applying for it. There are different types of visas that serve different purposes. It is best to acquire information from the website of Australian Immigration before stepping forward. If you feel confused in any part, taking help from migration agents and consultancies is a good idea. In case you do a mistake in any part of the lodging visa application, you may face refusal.

Is Quick Inquiry Helpful?

You can actually find out about your eligibility for lodging the visa application to Immigration. Your application will be accepted without any problem if you have submitted authentic and proper documents with it. The main documents are identity proof like your birth certificate, passport, educational qualification etc.

Other than that information connected with your identity you must be aware of what is looked through about you by the Department since they have full right to know about the person they are letting into Australia. This is when a quick inquiry comes to be useful. This is a form where you can put your information and get valid information on your eligibility or access for any type of visa.

Information on Quick Inquiry Form

This quick inquiry form available in our website requires you to place some information first. It will ask you on the country where you live, where you want to go in Australia, what kind of visa you want, your name as mentioned in your passport, your email address, your mobile number, your job profile, your highest educational qualification, total years of your work experience (in case you have worked for more than one company, mention total years for all companies together), what is your total earning in last 12 months, amount of funds available for the relocation you are planning, your current address, any comment on this matter etc.

You have to remember that all types of visas have different purposes, so you better apply for the right one. Professionals at Australia Thailand Visa offer visa consultation and help you get answers to such questions. You can ask for a visa advice to avoid any consequences that may lead to refusal or even ban for your visa application.