Prospective Marriage visa for Australia

Prospective Marriage visa for Australia

This article is about getting a Prospective Marriage Visa for Australia from Thailand or the Philippines. I will compare the two countries. And I give my advice about what to do in each case. The Prospective Marriage Visa is also known as a fiancee visa. It is in the same group as the Australian Partner visas. Its for people who are going to get married.

The applicant must be outside Australia to make the application. There are also two other key rules. First, the applicant must marry within 9 months. Interestingly though, you don’t have to get married in Australia.

Second, you must have met your sponsor in person. This means meeting – not just on the internet.

Finally, the prospective marriage visa is a great choice for applicants from Thailand. However, from the Philippines, it is one of the worst options! Please read on for the reason why this is so.


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