Get A Fiance Visa Easy and Fast

To get a fiance visa, there are certain steps that the applicant needs to follow. Besides that, the applicant should also fulfill some of the basic requirements in order to get the visa smoothly.

Eligibility Criteria

Following are some preliminary rules that you must comply with:

  • You must be already engaged either to an Australian citizenship holder or a permanent Australian resident or someone who is an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • You must give evidence for the genuineness of your relationship.
  • You must marry your fiancé within nine months from the date of granting of your visa and live together as a spouse.
  • Both the applicant and fiancé should be at least eighteen years of old.

Only after the fulfillment of the above will your application be taken into consideration.

Other Cases

There are also cases when your fiancé needs a tourist visa Australia; in that case, he/she needs to follow the steps to apply for a tourist visa:

  • He/she must fill up the online application.
  • Enter all the details regarding name, passport, travel related other information etc.
  • Only after making the mentioned payment, his/her application undergoes processing and the application is linked to the passport number.
  • His/her ETA status gets updated and informed after some time via email confirmation.

There might also be a situation where your fiancé wants to visit you for some time and in that case, they must apply for a visitor visa. Visitor visa falls under the category of short term visas. The foremost thing to keep in mind when you apply for a visitor visa is that this is a short-term visa unlike the other ones. For a visitor visa requirement, it is enough to have a valid passport.

Duration of A Visitor Visa

In case your fiancé is just coming to see you, the visitor visa applicable on him/her is either for three or six or twelve months. Another thing to remember is the applicant for a fiancé visa must be outside Australia in both the times when they have applied and when they will receive the same.

Getting a fiancé visa can get hectic at times. This is the time when you may require some help. Australia Thailand Visa is one such option that can help the applicants in understanding the processing and also in getting through immigration.

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